8 Dec 2020 – Why we love MS Teams

Watch a video of our free MS Teams workshop from Tuesday, 8th December. Jon Rata will be joined by Harley Brown from PC Comms and Steve Bloomer from Springboard IT. The three will show you how Teams can take control of your business, save time on routine tasks and make your business more secure. They will answer any questions you have about specific features along the way.

We love Teams. We have for ages! But many businesses only learned about this software when lockdown hit. We are hosting this to show you how we use Teams to make it easier to communicate, collaborate and organise our work.

You will learn:

Communication – Teams can do so much more than instant messaging and video calls. Find out how we have replaced our phone system and the problems we have had overcome along the way.

Collaboration – Create forms to gather feedback, share your work and making comments on other people’s Microsoft Office.

Organisation – Create and share lists. Build project plans. Assign tasks and get the Teams Chat Bot to send employees automated chasers when they miss a deadline.

To Do Lists – This one is one of the MOST USEFUL tools and our team use it all day every day.

Our custom-built apps – Building your own apps to Level Up your business.

Security – Why Teams is a great choice for GDPR compliant conversations. Also, find out about its biggest weaknesses.


JP Rata team #GrowWithJPRata


8 Dec 20   Why we love MS Teams

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