Artificial Intelligence can make your business more… you

Whether we like it or not, AI is on it’s way. In fact it’s here already.

Last year, Xero introduced Machine Learning to their platform and now the bookkeeping software learns from the invoices you enter so that it can make intelligent suggestions next time you need to enter a transaction.

But it’s not here to steal our jobs. The idea is that it saves you time.

The less time you have to spend on routine tasks, the more time you can spend on what really defines us as individuals – being creative, solving problems and building connections with other people. That’s what I go to work for, that’s the fun bit.

When I first heard about Xero’s machine learning project, I saw it as a threat to my business. “It won’t be long before bookkeepers are obsolete”, I thought to myself. But articles like this one reassure me. So long as we not only embrace AI, but also continue to invest in our workforce’s mastery of creative and interpersonal skills, we will be just fine.

AI can create a world that unleashes the potential for employees to be more human, spending more time creatively solving problems and developing relationships, rather than completing routine tasks and calculations.

3 steps you need to take to build an AI-savvy workforce

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