At JP Rata we believe your accountant should be making you profit.

Which is why we approach our clients businesses differently.
Using your accounts to reveal the challenges facing your business and to help you overcome them, whilst aiding your growth.

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Not Just A Faceless Accountancy Firm

JP Rata are a friendly accountancy firm based in Taunton, Somerset. Our aim is to redefine what businesses expect from their accountants.

Too many find their accountancy spend is a valueless overhead rather than a powerful tool to help grow their business. We want to see business owners demand more.

Redefining Accounting

We’re not a traditional accountancy firm. We’re not happy with ‘do the same as last year’. We’re building a service that gives modern businesses owners the help they need. We want you to get the most value possible from your accountant and we are constantly looking for new ways to do it.

Fed Up Of Your Current Accountant?

What We Do

We look after businesses and individuals. Discover how we bring these together to help you make a profit.


Ideas and advice from our team, to help you with your business.

About Us

People are at the heart of our business. Learn what drives us and how we support our team

Supporting the Directors

Identify and manage business challenges

Drive Business Growth

Accountants can make you money. Not just by keeping tax bills low, but by helping you grow your business.

We focus on using our knowledge to help you to make more profit. It’s a combination of troubleshooting, reporting, coaching and policing.

By encouraging decision makers to understand the financial implications of their actions, they can make better informed management decisions. We have designed our own process to accomplish this.

Management Accounts

Understand business performance

Understanding Your Business

We help our clients understand their businesses better, by providing insights from their finances. The main tool we use for this is monthly management accounts. By presenting in-depth information throughout the year, the decisions you make will be informed by your actual results rather than just on ‘gut feel’.

Our Management Information team is designed to offer the services you would expect from an in-house finance team. We have a big push at the start of each month to deliver our clients their monthly accounts as quickly as possible.

Once the monthly accounts have been delivered, we then turn our attention to problem solving. We spend a lot of time with our new clients ensuring that their finance systems and processes are set up to deliver the best management information possible.
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Keep your day-to-day finances in order

Mastering the Day-to-Day

Our bookkeeping service focuses on the core principals of good bookkeeping – highly accurate, extremely useful data processing; delivered quickly.

The tools and processes we have developed for the Finance Drive service make it as easy as possible for you to send us the information we need and to remind you when there is something you have forgotten to send.

We are constantly reviewing the newest developments in bookkeeping, testing new technologies whilst keeping the Finance Drive’s principals of good bookkeeping at the forefront of the service we offer. Our Finance Drive team manage the preparation of VAT Returns, CIS Returns and the delivery of payroll services,

Accounts and Tax Returns

Prepare for year-end - plan your tax

Efficient Compliance

There are constantly evolving rules concerning how your accounts and tax returns must be prepared. Our year-end compliance team are tasked with ensuring your accounts meet these standards and that your tax returns are as efficient as possible.

These accounts are the ones that are used to calculate your income taxes. They are the ones that end up in the public domain; they can shape how the world perceives your business.

Being aware of this, we partner with our clients throughout the year to prepare them for year-end. Planning ahead gives you more control over how your accounts will look and what you will pay in tax.

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