Our Approach

This is what makes us different

Our Approach

We challenge ourselves to find new ways to offer the best possible accountancy service. This keeps us very busy because there are so many opportunities.

This can be as simple as delivering tax returns earlier, so that clients have longer to prepare for their tax bills. Or as fundamental as bookkeeping every day instead of once a month, so that clients can always access a live picture of their business’ performance.

We consider our accountants and clients to be part of one team, working together. We are constantly asking the question “why?”, to challenge results and preconceived ideas – to better understand what we can do to help our businesses grow.

We have put ‘useful information’ at the centre of everything we do. We are constantly challenging, constantly looking for ways to improve systems; both internally and for our clients. This is how we are redefining accountancy.

Management Accounts

When a business is facing challenges, the directors need accurate numbers, delivered quickly. Our clients tell us that this is the most important service we can offer, and we have taken that to heart.

We deliver monthly accounts in the same way as an in-house finance team. Once month-end passes we make delivering management accounts our top priority.

Our management accounts are designed to be easy to read. We work with clients to ensure that the categories and terms we use make sense to them, for their business. After discussing the challenges facing each business, we will add Key Performance Indicators and budgets that are tailored to help the company’s directors address those challenges.

These accounts lead to meaningful discussion about businesses and help directors to make better informed decisions.

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Finance Drive – Remote Bookkeeping

In order to deliver management accounts quickly, we need good bookkeeping records.

They need to be up-to-date. All of the time.

Our cloud based bookkeeping service ‘ Finance Drive’, uses Xero to provide a real-time picture of our clients business. We work on each clients’ books every day, speaking with clients as soon as we notice something that needs to be discussed. Asking straight away makes it much easier for you to remember what you have spent money on. After all, you probably only spent the money yesterday, rather than months ago.

We needed to develop our bookkeeping so that we can give clients fast and accurate management accounts. But the benefits are so much greater.

Because we keep your bank reconciled every day, your list of unpaid sales invoices will be up to date too. This makes it easier for you to chase your customers for payment and get paid quicker. We can even use automatic reminders to take the hard work out of it for you. It is much easier to rely upon automatic reminders when you can trust that the bank is up-to-date.

As well as our system to help you get paid quicker, you can also use your list of unpaid purchase invoices to forecast the cash you will be spending, encouraging you to plan ahead.

If you can’t wait until month-end, you can use the reports built in to Xero to check on your sales and profit throughout the month, knowing that they will show you a ‘live’ snapshot of your business. You can also use these reports to keep an eye on how much VAT you will have to pay.

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