Profiting from your accountant

Your accountant should make you money.

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“Having the right accountant can help you make profit.” People are often surprised when I say this but it’s true. A good accountant will not just keep your tax bill low, but will actually help you to make more money. They can work as part of your key management team, taking some responsibility for helping your business grow.

Who does your accountant work for?

Here’s a few key questions for you: When you get your year-end accounts, do you look down them for big costs? For things that are draining your business of cash, but aren’t really pulling their weight? How high up that list is accountancy?

Does your accountant see the purpose of their job as helping you make money, or is their job telling the government how much tax you owe?

A lot of people view their accountant as a terrible investment. You know you need one, but many feel like they have to wait over a year to be get a report that shows the numbers they’ve already worked out.

It’s such a shame because it doesn’t have to be this way.

Is your accountant helping you to grow?

Your focus as a business owner is probably on the next opportunity, or the latest problem; the next hustle. And it should be.

That’s why you need an expert keeping an eye on your books, all the time.

I’m sure you can identify with the scenario of worrying that you’re so busy that you didn’t notice your sales starting to drop, or that your costs were increasing? Before you know it, you’re working loads harder but making less and less profit.

Think about how much money you could be making if you had a clear growth plan and someone who kept you on track. Imagine if that ‘someone’ was also a financial expert with an eye for numbers and experience across numerous business that they could use to help you to grow. This is where your accountant can fit in.

When an accountant is working as part of your team, you can plan together for the future. They can give you monthly updates: highlighting problems before they become disasters; and showing you the progress you’ve made towards your goals. All of this can help you make profit.

We do things differently

At JP Rata we specialise in providing monthly management accounts. These little snapshots encourage you to look at your accounts, even when you’re really busy.

The numbers are broken down in a way that makes sense to your eye. The report layouts are designed just for you, to make them as useful as possible.

We want to help you spot problems sooner, challenge surprising results and help you move from looking backwards, to focusing on the future. On making more money.

Whatever your business goals are, whether it’s to increase sales, to double your profits or pay off an old loan; our accountants want to help you do it.

If you’d like an accountant who feels like part of your team, give us a call or contact us to request a proposal now.

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