What we do

We help our clients with the wide range of accounting services that they require to manage their business and personal tax affairs.  These range from our compliance driven year-end services, to future-focused business planning and forecasting.

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Finance Drive – our cloud-based bookkeeping service

Our bookkeeping service, which we call Finance Drive, focuses on the core principals of good bookkeeping – highly accurate, extremely useful data processing; delivered quickly.

The tools and processes we have developed for this service make it straightforward and convenient for our clients to send us the information we need.

We work on each clients’ books every day, speaking with clients as soon as we notice anything that needs to be discussed. Because we keep client’s bank reconciled every day, their list of unpaid sales invoices is always up to date.

We use Xero to provide a real-time picture of our client’s business. It allows our clients to use various reports, to check on their sales and profit throughout the month. The systems, combined with our up to date service, always present a ‘live’ snapshot of your business.

We are constantly reviewing the newest developments in bookkeeping, testing new technologies whilst keeping the Finance Drive’s principals of good bookkeeping at the forefront of the service we offer.

The standard service:

  • send your documents to our dedicated email address;
  • documents processed within 2 working days;
  • Xero training is available to help you make the most of the service;
  • preparation of VAT Returns;
  • preparation of CIS Returns;
  • your bookkeeping is supervised by your year-end accountant;
  • Our VAT expertise includes:
    • trading outside of the UK (including EU),
    • partial exemption,
    • reverse charge schemes,
    • construction industry,
    • e-commerce,
    • retail and second-hand goods schemes.


Enhance the service, with:

  • management accounts;
  • payroll processing.

Understand your performance

When a business is growing, the directors need accurate numbers, delivered quickly. The main tool we use for this is monthly management accounts. Our clients tell us that this is the most important service we can offer, and we have taken that to heart.

Our management accounts are designed to be easy to read. We work with clients to ensure that the categories and terms we use make sense for their business.

Once the monthly accounts have been delivered, we then turn our attention to problem solving.

After discussing the challenges facing each business, we add Key Performance Indicators and budgets that are tailored to help the company’s directors address those challenges.

The Management Accounts lead to meaningful discussion about businesses and help directors to make decisions informed by their actual results rather than just on ‘gut feel’.

The standard service:

  • agreed date of delivery every month;
  • monthly or quarterly reports;
  • Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Aged Receivable and Aged Payable reports;
  • comparison to budgets, forecasts or past performance;
  • calculation of Key Performance Indicators, tailored to your industry;
  • review and commentary from our accountants.


Enhance the service, with:

  • financial forecasts for the year;
  • attendance of board meetings.

The rules concerning how your accounts and tax returns must be prepared are constantly evolving. Our year-end compliance team are tasked with ensuring your accounts meet these standards.

The importance of year-end accounts to a business is significant. They determine your income taxes and are visible in public domains, shaping how the world perceives your business. We partner with our clients throughout the year, to prepare them for year-end. Planning ahead gives our clients more control over how their accounts will look and what they will pay in tax.

The standard service:

  • agreed delivery date;
  • UK-GAAP compliant financial statements for audit exempt businesses;
  • a second set of accounts with reduced disclosure, for submission to the Companies House public register;
  • corporation tax return for the accounting period;
  • personal tax returns for the company’s directors and shareholders;
  • two tax planning reviews each year.


Enhance the service, with:

  • management accounts;
  • financial forecasts for the year;
  • attendance of board meetings.

We offer a thorough self-assessment service. Benefit from our expertise, which we use to spot opportunities to reduce your liability, allowing you to retain more of their profits.

Getting help with your self-assessment returns will save you time. Instead of working through all of your documents and bank statements yourself, our team can take this burden off of your shoulders. This allows you to focus on running your business.

Planning ahead is important. The sooner you know your tax bill, the sooner you know how much money you can take out of your business. We help our clients by delivering tax returns early, so that they have longer to prepare for their tax bills.

The standard service:

  • agreed delivery date
  • self-assessment tax return for delivery to HMRC
  • financial statements for sole traders, partnerships and property landlords
  • capital gains calculations for the sale of properties and other assets
  • two tax planning reviews each year

Our payroll service focuses on supporting clients on a monthly or weekly basis, by providing prompt and thorough service, compliant with all the statutory obligations.

PAYE can be one of the biggest tax bills. Getting it right is important, especially since mistakes can be costly to both you and your employees. Our knowledge of payroll tax law can not only save you time but also relieve the stress of making these calculations yourself.

This service allows business owners to focus on growing their business, whilst their payroll is taken care of by an experienced team of accounting professionals.

The standard service:

  • agreed delivery timetable;
  • calculation of the amounts payable to your employees and HMRC;
  • calculation of pension deductions;
  • electronic delivery of payslips to your employees;
  • submission of monthly and annual payroll tax returns to HMRC;
  • P60s delivered at the end of the tax year;
  • forms to make it easier for you to collect information from employees.

Our Approach

We challenge ourselves to find new ways to offer the best possible accountancy service, to give modern businesses owners the help they need. We want you to get the most value possible from your accountant and we are constantly looking for new ways to do it.

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