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People are at the heart of our business. Find out how we develop our team.

These qualities are at the heart of our business. They shape who we look to work with as employees, suppliers and clients.

Our People

We are a vibrant and talented team of professionals who work together to make a difference.

Our firm is growing and our team is constantly expanding. Each new recruit brings an exciting opportunity to expand the breadth of skills and the depth of experience we have access to.

As well as looking for those with traditional accountancy experience, we also seek out people with complimentary skills such as computer programming, graphic design, customer communication and business management.

The training and development that we offer is designed by our employees. We encourage them to tell us what they want from their job and how they want their career to develop. We then work with them to build a business case to support their plan.

We have a philosophy that individuals should have one job, that they excel at. This means that our clients will work with a team of experts rather than one person with generalist knowledge. Our core values serve us well here, ensuring that clients see big benefits from our approach.

Our Values

These qualities are at the heart of our business. We look for them in our employees, suppliers and our clients. They shape what we do and who we work with.

Creative Problem Solvers

We thrive on finding problems and fixing them. It is a fantastic feeling to find an innovative way to make a job easier, more enjoyable or more profitable. The more challenging the problem, the more rewarding the solution is.

Great Communicators

We are constantly looking for the best ways to share information within our teams. This includes how we speak, and how we listen. The clarity of the message, the language used and the method of communication are all important to delivering messages that really connect people.

Pride In Our Work

We work with people who are excited by their work, who strive for high quality and whose integrity can be counted on. We are proud to put our name to our work, to contribute to our own success and to the success of those we work with.

Team Players

Building strong teams helps businesses flourish. These teams include everyone who supports us in delivering useful information. We look for staff, clients and suppliers who will work together towards a shared goal of growing businesses. When everyone plays their part, the results are amazing.

Our Team

Jon Rata | JP Rata Chartered Accountants

Jon Rata


Management Information

Wendy Inder | JP Rata Chartered Accountants

Wendy Inder

Payroll Manager

Finance and Systems

Diana Florea | JP Rata Chartered Accountants

Diana Florea

Year-end Compliance Manager

Year-end Compliance

Kate Champion | JP Rata Chartered Accountants

Kate Champion

Accounts Supervisor

Management Information

Dawn David | JP Rata Chartered Accountants

Dawn David

Bookkeeping Supervisor

Finance Drive

Charlie Harrison | JP Rata Chartered Accountants

Charlie Harrison

Accounts Assistant

Year-end Compliance

Tom Addison-Wood | JP Rata Chartered Accountants

Tom Addison-Wood

Accounts Assistant

Finance Drive

Our Network

We have access to a wide network of specialists and experts who guide us and help our clients. This means we can compliment our core services with a broad range of specialist advice from people we trust.

Before introducing a specialist and a client, we will consider how they will get on together. Naturally, we refer to consultants who appreciate our core values, people we are proud to work alongside.

This means that you do not need to stick with a Large Firm to get help with complex problems, from SEIS share schemes to VAT investigations, from wealth management to insolvency.

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