10 Nov 2020 – Use Excel to save time

Invest in your time – Save precious hours in your day by using Excel!

Join our free Excel workshop at 1pm on Tuesday 10th November. Jon will show you how to transform Excel into a powerful tool for your business. Anyone curious to discover some of Excel’s endless possibilities and tricks is welcome to join!

You might be wondering ‘Why?’ – ‘Why is an accountancy firm running an Excel workshop?’ and you’d be very right to ask! The answer is simple: we’re good at it and we want to share our skills with others to help them grow.

Be empowered to do more with Excel and do it ‘5 times faster’!


What can you expect to master?

Using formulas – we will start with the simple ones and depending on your feelings, we’ll get as deep into the formula world as you want to go (and as deep as the time limit allows, but don’t worry – if you decide you want to know more – we can continue where we left of next time!)

Creating and modifying tables –Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you open a spreadsheet, with the amount of information you have to understand? Knowing how to organise the data makes this feeling disappear – We can help you achieve the same feeling of calmness when dealing with data.

Formatting and printing – Don’t we all like a set of data that is easy to read and presented nicely? We will show you how to format cells and print from Excel in a way that is easy to read and doesn’t take 100 pages to print. (Additional benefit included: save paper = save the planet!).

We hope to see you soon!

JP Rata team #GrowWithJPRata

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