24 Nov 2020 – Spot the financial clues: detective skills for your business

What do your accounts say about you? Have you ever wanted to know more about the financial state of your competitors? Maybe you’re curious to know where an accountant will look first to determine the health of a business? There’s a wealth of information out there for free if you know where to look. Learn how to be a detective and search out the financial information that matters.

Once a year, every company sends a set of accounts to Companies House. We’ll show you how to use this information to your advantage. Join our finance detective and chartered accountant, Jon Rata, at 1pm on Tuesday 24th November to learn how to read a set of accounts, for your business or someone else’s.

Our accountants can tell a lot from reading a set of financial statements. We will share these skills with you to help you make your own business stronger. You can use these skills to better understand any business, whether it is own or another that you care about.


What can you learn?

Why accounts are useful – do you use your year-end accounts to help you understand and grow your business? Find out which page an accountant turns to first when we first open a set of accounts. You will learn which pages hold the most important information and which are just a waste of paper.

What the public can see – what information about your business have you put in the public domain? You’ll learn how to check and discover what others can tell from this.

Spotting trends – a good detective can spot a trend. Learn to see patterns in financial information. Use this to build up a picture of a company and how its owners do business.

Case studies – just for fun, we will look at some real-life examples together. If you are brave enough, volunteer your company to be the case study and we’ll put our detectives on the case!


We hope to see you soon!

JP Rata team #GrowWithJPRata

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