Coronavirus: Finance webinars to keep you informed

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How are you? Our worlds have been rocked by coronavirus and I feel like, more than ever, I’m asking clients that simple question: How are you? The team and I have been checking in with each and every one of our clients to find out and offer our support.

It has been a real boost to speak to so many of you. This is something we plan to continue in future, even after things have calmed down. I have been especially pleased to spend so much time with our clients planning their futures. An atmosphere of frustration with the situation is coming through from our conversations and no wonder but I have been excited and encouraged by how many are taking these troubles in their stride.

As someone said to me, small business owners are used to dealing with the unexpected. It seems that nobody is more ready to deal with Coronavirus than entrepreneurs. Our business community is embracing this as a challenge and most people I speak with are looking for ways to innovate and thrive. This has encouraged me to do the same and find better ways to help you.

To do this I am running weekly finance webinars using Microsoft Teams. They are open to all – you don’t have to be a client to join so please pass the invite along to anyone who might find these webinars helpful. We’ll cover everything you need to know and you can ask your own questions.

I’ve run two so far and they’ve been well-received. We’ve discussed the grants for businesses and furlough, as well as the different help available to companies and the self-employed. I’ll continue to run these for as long as they are useful so get in touch if you’d like to join our next one. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay in the know.

Our team is continuing their high standard of work from the safety of their homes. If you have questions or just need a chat, we are here so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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